Thoughts and Ipads

A few days ago I returned home from a meditation retreat which was mostly spent in silence without the distractions of numerous electrical gadgets or contact with the outside world.

I have been feeling curious as to why I didn’t miss my phone or ipad at all but then how quickly the old habits return when back home. The desire to constantly check social media and emails and the pointless browsing from one thing to another so easily slipped back into.

Often the iPad is grabbed when there is a feeling of restlessness or when procrastinating, at other times it’s with the intention of looking up one thing and before I know it I’ve looked up 20 other things I really didn’t need to, wasted loads of time and can even be left with a larger feeling of uncomfortableness.

So it’s time to take action and if I can work with distractions in meditation then I can bring it into the practice of using my iPad. So as from now the iPad will be banished to another room when I am watching a tv programme or film so I can give it my full attention (and not be distracted by looking up pointless facts about who dated who or what I have seen them in before). Secondly when I┬ápick up the ipad to do something notice when I have start to move on to the train of browsing!

And finally tell myself it’s ok to feel restless and bored as this is when the good stuff happens

So who’s in?






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