Mindful Parenting

The Mindful Parenting Programme brings Mindfulness to the core of parenting, resulting in benefits to both children and their families.

Here is what parents who have recently attended the programme in Sheffield have to say

“ I get a lot I got a lot more out of the course then I expected. I feel my house is a lot calmer, with less shouting. I learnt to listen to my body and control how I react to situations, which results in a much better situation”

“A warm nurturing safe space that allows the positive changes to happen”

“I think this course has helped me become a, happier mum. My daughter and I have a closer relationship and I feel like I’m becoming a better parent.”

“The mindful parenting course gave me an amazing opportunity to explore what’s going on for me as a parent and especially during those stressful times with my children. It offers theory, guidance and very practical tools to use and all these make a definite difference. Jane’s gentle compassionate approach helped our group to really bond and enabled us to explore challenging aspects of parenting past and present. An excellent course”

“The mindful parenting program is an amazing opportunity to delve deeper both into mindfulness and parenting. Bring the two together positively impact on all aspects of parenting life and beyond. Highly recommend people to complete this course.”

“It’s really worth making the time and space for this course we owe it to ourselves and our children.”

“This course has changed me for the better. I was so sad and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our house is so much happier I don’t always get it right we are a work in progress. Jane has given me the tools to see when things are getting too much and I go and meditate and it works. I look at things deeper and I try to do lots of activities mindfully instead of rushing around. I now realise the importance of finding time for myself so I’m better for everyone else.”

“The Mindful parenting course has been amazing. The group was lovely and I felt relaxed enough to talk openly about my feelings and experiences, which I wouldn’t usually do in front of a group. I would highly recommend the course and I think every parent would benefit from attending this eight week programme”

“It has helped me to understand that my son is dealing with a lot of stuff so when he’s ready to explode not to take it personally. Me approaching things differently has helped him approach things differently too. I thought this wasn’t for me so it has taught me to give things a chance and it surprised me how much but it has worked for myself and my family. I would definitely recommend to other parents.”

The course has been designed to help parents develop stronger bonds with their children and take better care of themselves. It is based on the eight-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme (MBSR) and has been developed in the Netherlands by Susan Bogels and Kathleen Restifo within child mental health services.

For more information about this programme and alternative course options please contact me at jane@mindbodyfeeling.co.uk

Mindfulness for Stress

“This course has allowed me to increase my knowledge and experience of mindfulness and has given me a range of ways to use this and embody it in my everyday life”

“This course really changes your perspective; it makes sense on so many levels. It lays the foundations for a calmer approach to life.”

“This course enabled me to take stock of my life and reflect on the fact that I spend too much time doing and I need to spend more time being in order to be kind to myself and look after myself for the sake of my health.”

This eight-week course is for anyone dealing with stress of any kind, whether associated with work, relationships, finances, loss or other factors outside your control. In this eight-week programme you will learn:

  • How to foster mindfulness and kindliness to yourself and others
  • How to be more mindful in your day-to-day life
  • Breath and body awareness
  • Mindfulness meditation practice

See the Events page for information about upcoming courses.

Mindfulness for Health

This course is for those who suffer from persistent pain, illness or any other condition, such as chronic fatigue or stress, that has affected health. In this eight-week programme you will learn:

  • How to manage pain, illness and fatigue in daily life
  • How to breathe into the present moment and find choice
  • Breath and body awareness
  • Mindful movement and relaxation
  • Mindfulness meditation practice

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Looking for something different?

Mind Body Feeling offers the following mindfulness services:

  • Introduction to Mindfulness Taster Session (up to 1 hour)

Feedback from John Lewis

“Very helpful and made me think more about my mind and body”

“I really enjoyed the session, some really useful tips to help to de-stress”

“Really great, I was unsure at first but really made me think and realise what I can do to positively change my everyday life”

  • Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop (3 hours)
  • Bespoke Workplace Courses

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