A Mindful Festive Season

Are you someone who loves this time of year or does it bring a sense of dread?

It can be a time of long lists and tasks both at work and home . The more we have thoughts of how busy we are we actually become very busy and overwhelmed in our mind even when we are not actually doing anything.

Mindfulness is about bring ourselves back to our present experience, recognising when our mind is is getting too busy with all those thoughts and finding a place of stillness. I love the analogy of the snow globe which after it has been shaken is like the mind with all the thoughts swirling around – it can be very difficult to navigate through and be quite confusing. When the snowglobe is placed down and allowed to be still the snow settles to the bottom and this is what mindfulness practice can do for our mind.

When we find a place of stillness within ourselves we also open up to our creativity and you may be surprised what you find beneath the chatter and busyness.

I have recorded a short “settling the mind” practice on Soundcloud that you can use anywhere and at anytime

Click here to play it now



If you feel you need a little settling the mind practice for this next few weeks I have recorded one here





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