New Year and New Courses

I would like to start by wishing everyone a very happy 2018 and a hope that we all have the resources to cope with whatever comes our way this year. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me in 2017. I continue to be very grateful for my friends and those that have attended courses and workshops who spread the word and have shared and recommended to their friends.

I have really welcomed the space over the last few days to reflect on what my intentions are for this next year. On Monday I started a reflections book and so far so good and I have been writing in it! I have also started the year with sticking post-it notes on my bedroom wall of 3 things I am grateful for at the end of each day – this is a practice we talk about in the eight-week courses and I know it’s one that really has a positive effect on me and helps with balancing that negativity bias.

January brings new work and I’m really excited about some of the opportunities that are coming my way.The biggest challenge in life is often just trusting that things will work out and being able to sit with the anxiety that can arise with uncertainty.

There will also be following eight-week courses starting soon

Mindfulness for Stress (the Breathworks course) which is an evening course starting on Monday 22nd January at Sharrow Community Forum

Mindful Parenting Programme – this course starts on the evening of Thursday 25th January at Sheffield Wellness Centre

There are still some places left on both so please get in touch if you are interested or you can book directly on the website on the Events page. Please also let anyone you think might be interested know, I really

I hope to see you at a course, event or workshop at some point this year

Keep practicing……..


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