Reflections on an interesting week

When I made the leap a few months ago to give up a steady income and make a go of mindbodyfeeling I made a little deal with myself that even when things felt tough I needed to give it enough time to work. I recognised my tendency to think something isn’t working and then want to try and fix or change straight away. As the months have passed I have really had the space to notice the ebb and flow of emotion and thoughts that can happen within the space of a day or week! A few weeks ago I started thinking I should get a part time job – I didn’t want to but a couple of things I had hoped would provide income hadn’t come off and I realised how much financial insecurity was a stressor. When I really explored what I wanted I realised that there was an element of thinking work would just come my way and a harsh realisation that I needed to be a lot more proactive to make this work. Fast forward a few weeks and life couldn’t be more different. One of the pieces of work I had hoped for came to realisation. I started approaching organisations and that has led to further work. I now have three Mindful Parenting groups starting in September within a diverse range of services which is really exciting. This last week I was also approached to do some very bespoke and interesting work that I will say more of in another blog. I am also excited to say that Jamie Bristow of The Mindfulness Initiative has moved to Sheffield and we met this week and I’m really inspired by his passion and interest in the local mindfulness scene.There are exciting plans on the horizon.

A few weeks ago I was reluctantly considering applying for a job and now I’m wondering whether I have time to fit any other work in up to Christmas! It’s been a great lesson in sitting with the uncomfortable, but also really being present, listening to my heart and being open to whatever comes this way and it definitely isn’t always what you think it might be!

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