New Partnership and Mindful Parenting programme

I am really excited to have joined the team at The Apple Tree Centre and to be able to offer the eight week Mindful Parenting programme under their name.

The course starts in September and is open to any parents or carers. The details of how to book, cost and dates can all be found here

There is a taster session on Monday 17th July but don’t worry if you can’t make it I am offering appointments outside of that for anyone interested so just email the apple tree centre and we can arrange something.

I have recently delivered this programme within child mental health services and below is a few excerpts from the feedback


“It’s helped me to learn that I’ve got to stop reacting so quick and listen to what my child wants to say and understand what he is feeling. I’d like to go on another one and would definitely recommend it to other parents”


“This is THE single most powerful and life Changing course I have ever attended (and I have been on plenty!) Anyone who finds themselves falling into the same arguments over the same things with their child should come on this course. A new, calmer and more in control you!!!”


“I am able to stay calm in a situation which would’ve previously led to me and my child arguing, getting cross and upset with each other. Mindfulness has taught me how to stay calm during these times which makes my child feel calmer and able to think too. I have spent YEARS trying to ‘just stay calm’ and berating myself afterwards for losing my cool. I would never have believed the tremendous change in just 8 weeks.”


“I hadn’t realised that I wasn’t looking after my own mental health as much as I needed to. I took time out to do the meditations and it made me realise I don’t take time to look after me and how important it is to do that”


” I have learnt not to punish myself too much and beat myself up about things. That it’s ok to take some time out for myself. I am trying to do so. It has helped me to understand that my son is dealing with a lot of stuff so when he’s ready to explode not to take it personally. And me dealing with it differently has helped him not to explode as quickly. Me approaching it differently has helped him approach things differently too.”

The Mindful Parenting programme was written by Professor Susan Bogels and Kathleen Restifo and I was so fortunate to attend a week of teacher training with Susan last year.

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